Dining Supplements

Guests are invited to indulge at 4 restaurants with our dine around concept; a gourmet cuisine a la carte, Bacchus Italian Gourmet restaurant, a traditional local fish taverna, Apollo, our Atrium and Cape Aspro international restaurants serving buffet dinners and a la carte lunches. Breakfasts will be served at a choice of 2 restaurants, Bacchus and Atrium– one located by the poolside and the other with clear sea views. Unique to the island, all of our restaurants offer a la carte menus or buffet to our half board and full board guests. (Advance reservations are always advisable to avoid disappointment)

When booking to stay at Columbia Beach Resort, guests are invited to choose between a selection of dining supplements, spanning Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, and Full Board. To help assist you in making your selection, we have delineated below what each dining option includes and the associated costs.

Bed & Breakfast: 

Staying on Bed & Breakfast terms means that every day you will be treated to a delectable breakfast spread, complete with a la minute dishes such as pancakes, waffles, and eggs, as well as a range of cereals, fresh fruits, and sweet and savoury breads and pastries. Ideal for those on the go who need a powerful breakfast to give them energy for a day of exploring the island or engaging in our many activities, including cycling, or golf. 

Half Board: 

Ideal for guests wishing to take full advantage of the Resort’s peaceful setting whilst still being able to venture out in exploration of the local area, Half Board permits guests to enjoy both breakfast and dinner; our dine around concept is unique to the island, with all of our restaurants offering a la carte menus to our half board guests. Guests booked on Half Board terms are entitled to have their dinner without any extra charge, excluding drinks, at Columbia Beach Resort’s restaurants - Apollo Tavern Restaurant, Cape Aspro Restaurant/ Atrium Restaurant and Bacchus Italian Gourmet Restaurant.

Full Board: 

For those desiring of absolute rest and relaxation amongst the Resort’s peaceful surroundings – who covet long hours of poolside reading, walks along the beach, and spa treatments galore – our Full Board option is available to serve. Comprising all of the above mentioned benefits of our dine around Half Board, Full Board guests may also enjoy lunch at no extra cost at all of the restaurants mentioned apart from Bacchus Italian Gourmet Restaurant, excluding drinks, and they will not be charged room service fees. 

If ordering Rib Eye Steak, guests will be charged with €10.00 supplement and for a Beef Fillet Steak, guests will be charged with €15.00 supplement at Apollo Tavern Restaurant, Cape Aspro Restaurant, Atrium Restaurant and Room Service
If ordering a Beef Fillet Steak, guests will be charged with €25.00 supplement at Bacchus Italian Gourmet restaurant

• If ordering a whole grilled fish (other than sea bass or sea bream) guests will be charged a supplement charge, depending on the weight of the fish, at Cape Aspro Restaurant

(Advance reservations are always advisable to avoid disappointment)