​Cub Life Crèche

Cub Life Crèche – welcomes babies and children aged 4 months - 3 years and will be open 6 days a week, all year round and includes a Baby play zone and a Toddler play area.
Morning session: 10am – 1pm ( 4 - 23 months = €35 / 24 – 47 months =€28)
Afternoon Session: 3pm – 6pm ( 4 - 23 months €35 / 24 – 47 months =€28)
Morning & Afternoon Session: 10am – 1pm & 3pm – 6pm (4 - 23 months = €50 / 24 – 47 months = €40)
Parents can also book their children into the lunch sessions and the childcare team will take the children for lunch and carry out a calm activity after eating:
1pm – 3pm ( 4 - 23 months/ 24 – 47 months = €25 + food cost)

All costs are per child and can be added to the families’ suite bill to be paid on departure.
Babysitting for all ages is also available for the evening from €15 per hour for up to 3 children.

See our weekly activities program here

To reserve your child's place at our Cub Life Crèche, kindly fill in our form here

BabyEase List 
Travelling with little ones can be stressful.
Recognising that packing space is becoming ever more limited, and that a vast variety of items is required to ensure your child’s comfort and safety, Columbia Beach Resort aspires to eliminate the worrisome job of ensuring you haven’t forgotten anything, by allowing you to pre-order key baby items prior to your arrival.
From toiletries, changing items, accessories – spanning potties, sterilisers, bottle warmers, baby walkers, and much more – preparing for your family holiday has never easy.
Download or print our BabyEase List here