Green initiatives see Columbia Beach Resort reduce its environmental footprint

Published on: 02/10/2018
Green initiatives see Columbia Beach Resort reduce its environmental footprint
Columbia Beach Resort is proud to announce a significant reduction in its carbon footprint in the 12 months since it reopened its doors following a landmark transformation. Its commitment to operating as a responsible tourism entity saw the resort introduce several sustainable green initiatives that have resulted in huge reduction in water wastage and energy consumption across the resort; resulting in a virtually Co2 free resort.
In a bid to lessen its environmental footprint, the resort has worked hard to ensure absolutely every aspect of its operation has a minimal negative impact on its surroundings. Its new green initiatives focus on a sustainable reduction of water and energy waste, a significant reduction in noise and air pollution, the appropriate disposal of waste, the protection of wildlife and local habitat, the complete removal of single use plastics and the use of eco-friendly chemical and cleaning products; to name but a few.
The resort now operates ‘off grid’ in terms of water consumption following the installation of a 3rd degree treatment facility that sees every drop of waste water recycled for use on its lush 33,000 square meters of landscaped gardens. Excess treated water is supplied to local farmers and in times of natural water scarcity, the resort will turn to its desalination plant to ensure guest needs are met. Water saving devices are also established throughout the resort and include auto-stop taps and 2 phase flush toilets.
Energy consumption is also now at an all-time low, following upgrades such as LED lighting and sensor activation across lighting and air con units to ensure these services are only in use when needed. The air conditioning units also instantly deactivate when windows and doors are opened. An important energy saver comes in the form of brand new electromechanical upgrades, which allow individual building systems to heat water as required. Solar panels are also in place for water heating across all 169 suites, the Hebe Spa and the indoor pool.
In a bid to curb noise pollution and maintain air quality, all of the resort’s large machinery is brand new, state of the art and regularly maintained, checked and replaced in line with regulatory standards. All air con systems are maintained to ensure high efficiency and avoid dust accumulation, and all units are microbiologically tested. The majority of oil operated machinery have been replaced with electric powered options.
Waste management of the recycling of miscellaneous waste such as fried oils, used batteries and old electrical equipment is conducted licenced 3rd party associates.
Comments Stelios Kizis, Director, Columbia Beach Resort: “It is often the belief that tourism and a care for the environment are opposing worlds – you can’t protect the environment and run a successful tourism business. We at Columbia Beach Resort don’t feel this relationship has to be contradictory and the entire team works hard to ensure we limit our impact on our surroundings on a daily basis. We have worked hard to find the balance between offering a luxury product and implementing a sustainable environmental policy; and we strongly believe our model of ‘caring luxury’ offers long term sustainable tourism development. We have an absolute respect for the locale and we believe that our ethos flatters rather than ruins the natural environment.”
Other smaller initiatives that have seen a positive impact come from the efforts of the resort’s Green Team, who regularly run beach cleans, invest in local conservation, sponsor local community events and utilise the services of local, licenced associates.
The enthusiasm showed by staff is also infectious and guests often follow the low impact path by following subtle requests to minimise water usage and re-use towels where possible so that they actively take personal responsibility for their own individual environmental footprint whilst in Cyprus.